Ocular Instruments, Inc. has been engaged in business with Trinity Manufacturing, Inc. for four years. Ocular Instruments is a manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and teaching aids for doctors for over 50 years. It is critical that we obtain high quality components for our products as they are often used under magnification and slightest defects can be detected. Trinity manufactures the tight tolerance components beyond our expectations. If there is a problem, they work well with us to resolve it. Our products are difficult to forecast. Trinity understands this and is very flexible in helping us get components in a timely manner. On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to give them a 10!

Lisa Graham, Purchasing Agent Ocular Instruments, Inc.

Working with the team at Trinity Manufacturing has been nothing short of refreshing. When we brought Trinity in as a vendor, I really felt that this is a company that is going places. Over the past 3 years Trinity has supplied J.D. Ott with superior quality parts. They really work hard to get us the very best quality parts on time and on budget. The attention to detail is always exceptional! Trinity Manufacturing is the first company that comes to mind when I’m asked who our best suppliers are. You cannot go wrong when contracting with Trinity, you get the very best parts, on time. Trinity’s crew gets my highest recommendation!

Daryl Bradshaw, Senior Quality Assurance & Facilities Manager, J.D. OTT Company Inc.